Our Cape XO brandy, crafted with meticulous care, undergoes a double distillation process in copper pot stills, resulting in an exceptionally rich and flavorful experience. Made exclusively from the finest Colombard and Chenin Blanc grapes, it embodies the pinnacle of quality and taste

Cape XO Buchu Brandy

Cape XO Buchu Brandy

Our Cape XO, twice distilled, 100%, in copper pot stills, produces the richest and finest full flavour brandy. Only the finest Colombard and Chenin Blanc grapes are used.

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Cape XO Buchu Brandy reflects South Africa’s true heritage, time honoured tradition and history with this noble spirit. The word Brandy is derived from old Dutch “Brandewijn”, meaning burnt wine – a reference to its distillation and maturation in oak barrels.

Richest and finest full flavour brandy

Our Cape XO, twice distilled, 100%, in copper pot stills, produces the richest and finest full flavour brandy. The result is a refined, elegant and opulent Cape Brandy, produced in the age-old French style. Thereafter, further enhanced with the addition of a twig of indigenous Agothosma Betulina, better known as Buchu. Interesting info: All XO Cape brandy must be matured in oak barrels for at least 10 years. Our Cape XO brandy is often much older than this, making it an exceptional example of XO (the French Cognac equivalent for XO is 6 years minimum).

Buchu has well-documented health properties

Buchu (Agothosma Betulina) is an indigenous fynbos of the Cape, South Africa, with well-documented health properties and a fascinating history thereof. Regularly referred to as “the miracle herb”, more and more information on its incredible benefits is being reported. Buchu grows naturally in very few areas of the Cederberg and ours is handpicked at over 700m above sea level, on a south-facing slope, where it breathes the purest mountain air. It is part of the Cape Floral Kingdom and is a protected plant.

Unique origins

Our Buchu comes from Tierhoek, which is the only restored sandveld wine farm in Africa, located in the Piekenierskloof region on the west coast of South Africa. The buchu is handpicked and infused with our Cape XO Brandy, so as to ensure all the buchu oils are extracted naturally and at their best. The longer you keep our XO Brandy the better it will be. Serve in a Cognac glass, preferably slightly warm.

4 reviews for Cape XO Buchu Brandy

  1. Andrew Hawkey

    Amazing brandy both in quality and the full taste.
    This is a must have item.

  2. Andrew Hawkey

    Having sampled other fine XOs and travelled over 12,000 miles to buy this, it’s the best that I have had in the past 20 years.
    Its a must for me and friends.

  3. Robert Moody

    This is an amazing brandy. I have been drinking buchu brandy for years. This is by far the most refined and absolutely delicious buchu brandy. I have to complement the entire team.

  4. Mary-Anne O’Carroll

    The taste is fabulously unique – as a social drink, it suits me well as I find it kind to my stomach as well – perhaps it is the buchu😀

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